Our Photographers

Bryant Aardema

Bryant specializes in close-up photography of wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem of the United States. His images require considerable patience to properly capture animals and birds in their most natural setting within this large landscape of Western mountains, forests, and valleys. A monochrome image of a solo bison in winter recently won a best-of-show photographic award.
Chris Holly

Chris is an outdoor adventure photographer. He specializes in landscapes where an artistic and often impressionistic view can be captured through his lenses. His photography and video work has been showcased in professional gallery spaces. Chris has been a member of explorations in Antarctica, outback Australia surveys, and sailing expeditions to islands in the western Pacific.
Mike Cooperstein

Mike is a hydrologist who works with NOAA, the national oceans and atmospheric agency. He is a professional geologist, mountaineer, and marine dive master who has traveled the globe in these pursuits. Mike has guided climbing expeditions to Tibet, Bhutan, Papua New Guinea, and the southern Andes as well as diving trips to remote islands in Indonesia. His photographic efforts focus on high mountains, cultures, and coral inhabitants.
Wayne & Pam Osborn

The Osborn’s are active wildlife photographers. They specialize in marine, coral reef, and bird conservation imagery and work with whale and marine mammal researchers to protect and monitor endangered species. They helped identify a miniature whale on the Great Barrier Reef that was thought extinct. The photographers have pursued these efforts in Australia, Africa, and islands across the Indo-Pacific.
Riled Up Marketplace is an online store providing original photographic content being published for the first time as individual handmade prints. The images are available on museum-quality archival paper, with decades-long color-fast durability, and also on polished aluminum metal for enhanced depth and luster. The metal technology was originally developed to print electronic circuits on computer chips. The colors are stable even in direct outdoor sunlight.


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